It Is So Simple to Be Healthy

One of the dairy products is yoghurt. Yoghurt is different from other dairy products, fermented yoghurt from milk given live bacteria that is very beneficial to the body. Benefits of yogurt is not only for the body but also the beauty of skin and face.

Yogurt contain a lot of calcium which is very good for the body. Calcium content in yoghurt is excellent for strengthening bones. In addition to bone strengthening, yoghurt can overcome osteoporosis in bone.

Yogurt is also good to help in diet. The benefits of yogurt for diet are obtained from the potassium content in yogurt that helps to stimulate the use of stored fats in the body. When on a diet, yoghurt is a mandatory dietary diet to be successful.

To enjoy yogurt, we can also mix it with a variety of dishes or food. In order to more easily blend with other food ingredients, you should blend it well to get a good yogurt texture. If you used as a mixture of cooking, dissolve the yogurt with warm water and a little olive oil. This mixture will help yogurt become easier to blend in the cooking. One of the things to remember is not to cook yogurt. Except for the sauce, yogurt should not be heated with fire. Do not sauté yogurt directly on pan, or make yogurt directly exposed to fire. This will make the yogurt become damaged, oily, and turned into speckled or broken like coconut milk.

Finally, you should remember again if yogurt has many nutrients and vitamins that are good for the body. When compared with other dairy products, yogurt has more benefits. Benefits of yogurt is not only for health but also can beautify the skin.

To get all the benefits of yogurt, you are advised to consume yogurt once a day. Yoghurt can be bought or made by yourself, but it's safer and more practical to buy ready made ones,  so you have to find your favorite yogurt variety at

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