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Time tracking your team will actually use

An intuitive, lightweight time tracking experience that’s easy to learn and use, and gives you immediate and actionable insight.

Daily timesheet view
Track time as you work Enter all your hours at once Track time everywhere

Track time however you work

Start and stop timers as you work, or fill in your timesheet at the end of the day.
Desktop and mobile apps put time tracking at your fingertips.
Automated reminders encourage you to track time consistently.

Start timers from your favorite tools

Track time from the productivity tools you already use every day.
Speed up time tracking with integrations for Google Calendar & 前景.
Browser extensions make time tracking visible throughout the day.
“Having an easy, clean way to track time allows us to focus on the tough engineering problems where we bring value to our clients.
Genevieve Laing

Gain insight to improve performance

A wide selection of visual reports help you support your team and keep projects running smoothly.

Daily timesheet view
Visualize project progress Keep tabs on team capacity Dig into the details
Project 报告ing

Keep projects profitable and on track

Stay on top of budgets and internal costs with live visual reports.
Zoom in to understand where teams can decrease costs.
Review past project data to improve how you plan and price future projects.
Team 报告ing

Manage your team’s bandwidth

Visualize your team’s capacity so you can adjust their workload accordingly.
Understand where time is spent for more focused team support.
Review, edit and approve timesheets for accuracy and insight.
Custom 报告s & 出口

Do more with your data

Have a preferred analysis approach? Generate custom time reports, export them, and sync your data with third-party analysis tools.

“We really focus on work-life balance in remote work… Time tracking reveals if somebody is overburdened and that becomes an immediate conversation.”
Noah Gedrich

Transform time into revenue

Easily turn tracked time and expenses into 发票 and get paid fast with Stripe and Paypal integrations.

Daily timesheet view
Generate and send 发票 Keep tabs on payments Let clients pay online

Automate invoice management

Generate 发票 automatically from your tracked time and expenses.
Email 发票 with just a few clicks and see when your clients review them.
Set up automatic reminders and thank-you notes to streamline your communications.
Online Payments

Get paid fast with PayPal and Stripe

PayPal and Stripe integrations let your clients quickly pay 发票 online.
Paid 发票 show automatically so your records are always up to date.
Let your clients pay recurring 发票 automatically with the Stripe integration.
Accounting Integrations

Keep your books up to date

Automatically copy your 收获 invoice and payment information to QuickBooks Online or Xero for streamlined accounting.

“Our client required very accurate time records, and we needed to be able to generate 发票 to charge them for that time. 收获 was just the tool for us.”
Tim Crossley

Streamline your workflow

Save time and work more efficiently with dozens of integrations that help you optimize your entire workflow.

Track time from your tools Import calendar events 同步数据 & 发票
Productivity Integrations

Put time tracking where your team works

Add time tracking to productivity tools like Asana, Slack, Jira, and Trello.
Turn events from 前景 and Google Calendar into time entries.
Install browser extensions to keep time tracking visible throughout your day.
Finance Integrations

Simplify your payments and accounting

Integrate with Stripe and Paypal for faster payments.
Copy invoice payments to Xero and QuickBooks Online.
Export your data or sync it with third-party reporting tools.
Automation Integrations & API

Optimize your processes

Integrations with IFTTT, Integry, and Zapier help you set up automatic workflows that eliminate duplicate tasks and save you time. And with 收获’s API you can even build your own custom integrations.

70,000+ companies track time with 收获
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